Frequently Asked Questions

The seatbelt pledge supports the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. The pledge is a promise to wear ones seatbelt at all times, especially when responding to and from the emergency scene.
To sign up for the online Seatbelt Pledge, click on the 'Sign a Pledge' on the homepage.
  1. From your Dashboard click the Pledge Campaigns tab
  2. Click the button Create a new seat belt pledge campaign
  3. Complete the form and click Create Pledge
  4. Click on the pledge name that you just created and click Invitations tab
  5. On the Invitations tab, enter the name(s) and email(s) you would like to invite to sign the pledge.
  1. Receive an invitation via email to sign a Seatbelt Pledge
  2. Click the Invite link on your email
  3. Enter your email address on the Pledge Invite page and click Lookup
  4. Click on I Accept – You have singed a Seatbelt Pledge
The Award Level is awarded based on the percentage of signature responses against your pledge goal:
  • Bronze (70 to 79 percent)
  • Silver (80 to 89 percent)
  • Gold (90 to 100 percent)
  • Platinum (upon submission verification)
The Signature Goal is the number of people invited to participate in a particular campaign. This can be every member of a department, a singular crew or team, or members of a recruit or safety-oriented class. For the first time ever, individuals can now sign up and take the pledge.
The Signature Goal Percentage represents the number of invitees that have signed the pledge.
The person that created the account has the pledge code.
You can submit an email request to If your signed pledge sheet is on file, then a certificate will be sent to the email address indicated. If a signed seatbelt pledge is not in our files, then you will have to resign the pledge and submit.
Fire departments in the United States are represented by state and regional Everyone Goes Home® Advocates. These Advocates will make efforts to present department-level certificates when feasible. Please contact your Regional Advocate or send an email request to Your Regional Advocate can be determined by visiting the EGH website at
Yes, this is encouraged. You will have your own registration page which will list all the campaigns you have signed.
All technical inquiries should be submitted via email at
All updates and/or corrections should be submitted via email at